Despite the circulation of the picture of a kid dancing dressed in white and blue claiming to be an Ambazonian kid, Fact Checking results have proven otherwise,the kid in question is neither from any parts of Cameroon.

The picture posted on January 29 2020 by Bakossi Ambazonia says “Whether Yannick or not, Ambazonia is yet to stay, our kids are revolving for the mental freedom we already attained”

It should be noted that Yannick here is Kawa Yannick, a former separatist fighter in the Southwest Region who dropped his arms.

From the first view of the eye even without using any fact checking tool, it was obvious that it was fake and intended for propaganda which is a tool used by both parties in the current crisis rocking the South West and the NorthWest Regions of Cameroon.

The picture though shows the kid dancing dressed in colors of the Ambazonian official flag has nothing to do with Cameroon or the Ambazonian crisis.

The first observation is the background of the picture which indicates that it is likely an Asian traditional festival if we go by the skin colours of the spectators.

Futher fact checking results using the Google Reverse image gives us another reason to conclude that it is fake news with propaganda tendencies.

A simple Reverse Google Image search reveals a series of links and pages where the picture had been posted and none is related to following this link, realize thatin the original report, it was a festival in the Torres Straits Island.We also note when using this photo, the author has reduced the original photo from top to bottom so that most of the faces do not appear.

Similarly, and particularly points to the fact that it is not Cameroon and has nothing to do with the Crisis.

Summarily, the picture was posted on Fly River face book page on May 10, 2019 by a certain Alex Seferius On bep and sub sequently appeared on “We African”facebook on January 22, 2020.

With 3001 likes, 67 comments and 363 shares, it is possible that the owner of Bakossi Ambazonia Facebook page must have uplifted the picture and posted on its page for propaganda sake.

BY Tarhyang Enow bikah Tabe /This work was carried out with the support of Defy Hate Now as part of the Facts Matter 237 project